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113 members in the TopOfArxivSanity community. Results are powered by Arxiv Sanity Preserver. physics, computer science, quantitative biology). Arxiv Sanity Preserver Built in spare time by @karpathy to accelerate research. This project is a web interface that attempts to tame the overwhelming flood of papers on Arxiv. We propose two concrete, easy to implement tests for assessing the scope and quality of explanation methods: the model parameter randomization test, and the data randomization test. Arxiv Sanity does to arXiv, what Twitter’s newsfeed does to Twitter (except that it is totally open-sourced and free of advertising, obviously). Academic search, as a use case, is appealing for many reasons. At the same time they provide the meaning of an n-ary operator, or more generally an open term with n free variables, as an n-ary operation on process graphs. ... Ewerth R. (2018) TIB-arXiv: An Alternative Search Portal for the arXiv Pre-print Server. Based on the idea and the provided source code of Andrej Karpathy (arxiv-sanity) Covering Groups of Nonconnected Topological Groups and 2-Groups (1709.09728) Dmitriy Rumynin, Demyan Vakhrameev, Matthew Westaway. 06/18/2018 ∙ by Matthias Springstein, et al. Serving last 132138 papers from cs. physics, computer science, quantitative biology). It allows researchers to keep track of recent papers, search for papers, sort papers by similarity to any paper, see recent popular papers, to add papers to a personal library, and to get personalized recommendations of (new or old) Arxiv papers. Results are powered by Arxiv Sanity Preserver. Living labs was proposed as an alternative, where third-party researchers are allowed to replace components of a live service, under certain restrictions, and have real users of the service interact with the generated results [6]. Authors: Matthias Springstein, Huu Hung Nguyen, Anett Hoppe, Ralph Ewerth (Submitted on 18 Jun 2018) Abstract: arXiv is a popular pre-print server focusing on natural science disciplines (e.g. If you've never logged in to March 26, 2019 math.CT, math.QA, math.GR. Title: TIB-arXiv: An Alternative Search Portal for the arXiv Pre-print Server. Top papers of the last week from Arxiv Sanity. arXiv is a free distribution service and an open-access archive for 1,800,784 scholarly articles in the fields of physics, mathematics, computer science, quantitative biology, quantitative finance, statistics, electrical engineering and systems science, and economics. Donate to arXiv. They provide the meaning of a closed term as a process graph: a state in a labelled transition system. As a platform with focus on easy publishing services it does not provide enhanced search functionality -- but offers programming interfaces which allow external parties to add these services. Alternative Sequences Scholarly Data Motion Transfer Arxiv Sanity OpenIE ALCOMO Human Activity Recognition AnyBURL Join-T PatyBred WebisLOD DBkWik T2D Winter ACL Anthology ICML Papers MarineTLO AllenNLP Interpret Pulumi Firecracker Enthymemes and Argument Mining Bounding Box Annotation Tools Are We There … The paper exploits weak Manhattan constraints to parse the structure of indoor environments from RGB-D video sequences in an online setting. This project is part of a submission to an ICLR 2019 workshop, RLGM Representation Learning on Graphs and Manifolds. [CV|CL|LG|AI|NE]/stat.ML In a horror setting, altruistic, optimistic, and rational beliefs like “Always help a person in need,” “Everything happens for a reason,” “People get what they deserve,” and “There is a rational explanation for everything,” will be particularly easy to erode. TPDL 2018. arXiv:1904.11490v2 [cs.CV] 19 Aug 2019. Updated each day. Springer, Cham . # q-bioNC [Automatic Response Assessment in Regions of Language Cortex in Epilepsy Patients Using ECoG-based Functional Mapping and Machine Learning] Authors: , … Updated each day. The challenges to learn such a representation are two-fold. In: Méndez E., Crestani F., Ribeiro C., David G., Lopes J. Filter by license to discover only free or Open Source alternatives. Fourier Neural Operator for Parametric Partial Differential Equations Zongyi Li, Nikola Kovachki, Kamyar Azizzadenesheli, Burigede Liu, Kaushik Bhattacharya, Andrew Stuart, Anima Anandkumar Submitted to arXiv on: 18 October 2020. arxiv sanity preserver. Firstly, the sample size is not often large enough to learn a rich generalizable representation through conventional techniques. 2. arXiv public datasets. physics, computer science, quantitative biology). Arxiv Sanity Arxiv Sanity. Sort by rank; Recent popularity; Recently added; Filter by tags . PDF | arXiv is a popular pre-print server focusing on natural science disciplines (e.g. Facts as Experts: Adaptable and Interpretable Neural Memory over Symbolic Knowledge Pat Verga, Haitian Sun, Livio Baldini Soares, William W. Cohen Submitted to arXiv on: 2 July 2020. 113 members in the TopOfArxivSanity community. Alternatives to for Web, Self-Hosted, Linux, Windows, Mac and more. Both tests applies broadly to explanation methods. End-to-End Adversarial Text-to-Speech Jeff Donahue, Sander Dieleman, Mikołaj Bińkowski, Erich Elsen, Karen Simonyan Submitted to arXiv on: 5 June 2020. As such, our tests can be thought of as sanity checks to perform before deploying a method in practice. This list contains a total of 25+ apps similar to # statML [Distributionally Robust Optimization Techniques in Batch Bayesian Optimization] Authors: , Paul J. Goulart. Moreover, we explore alternative criteria for detection, segmentation, and tracking, using metrics for sets of shapes, and assess them against these requirements. Unsupervised representation learning has proved to be a critical component of anomaly detection/localization in images. Illustrated in Fig.1, RepPoints is a set of points that learns to adaptively position themselves over an object in a manner that circumscribes the object’s spatial extent and indicates semantically significant local areas. March 22, 2019 math.OC, q-fin.PM. Methods for understanding the decisions of and mechanisms underlying deep neural networks (DNNs) typically rely on building intuition by emphasizing sensory or semantic features of individual examples. Our solution transforms a given Petri net into another net whose transitions are the transactions of the s-cells and whose places are those of the original net, with some auxiliary structure for bookkeeping. Oct. 21, 2019 math.OC. Sort alternatives. Abstract: Modern text-to-speech synthesis pipelines typically involve multiple processing stages, each of which is designed or learnt independently from the rest. # csCV [Dense Piecewise Planar RGB-D SLAM for Indoor Environments] Authors: , Jana Kosecka. Materials on this site are not peer-reviewed by arXiv. Based on the idea and the provided source code of Andrej Karpathy (arxiv-sanity) Multi-period investment strategies under Cumulative Prospect Theory (1608.08490) Liurui Deng, Traian A. Pirvu. Each s-cell exposes a set of alternatives, called transactions. ∙ Technische Informationsbibliothek ∙ 0 ∙ share arXiv is a popular pre-print server focusing on natural science disciplines (e.g. The manuscript can be found on arXiv:1905.00075.Our primary purpose is to develop a set of tools to standardize and facilitate use of the arXiv as a dataset. This provides an alternative point on view on the deep algebraic insights of Cass and Weidner in their work (Tree algebras over topological vector spaces in rough path theory). Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 11057. TIB-arXiv: An Alternative Search Portal for the arXiv Pre-print Server. For instance, methods aim to visualize the components of an input which are “important” to a network’s decision, or to measure the semantic properties of single neurons. Abstract: Massive language models are the core of modern NLP modeling and have been shown to encode impressive amounts of commonsense and … In Listing 7, the s e a r c h query returns an union type, which might be either a R e p o s i t o r y, U s e r, or an I s s u e type, depending on the t y p e argument. Registration is required to submit or update papers, but is not necessary to view them. (eds) Digital Libraries for Open Knowledge. physics, computer science, quantitative biology). List updated: 6/12/2020 2:45:00 PM. RepPoints, that provides more fine-grained localization and facilitates classification. Hello guys, I've been heavily relying on the awesome Arxiv sanity preserver for ML/DL updates on the past several months. TIB-arXiv: An Alternative Search Portal for the arXiv Pre-print Server Matthias Springstein1[0000 0002 6509 8534], Huu Hung Nguyen 1[00000001 7597 4908], Anett Hoppe 0002 1452 9509], and Ralph Ewerth1;2[0000 0003 0918 6297] 1 Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology (TIB), Hannover, Germany 2 L3S Research Center, Leibniz Universit at Hannover, Germany This paper presents extensions of the open source framework arXiv Sanity Preserver (SP). As a platform with focus on easy publishing services it does … However, I've noted that, for some reason, the site is unacessible for me, no matter what browser, network or computer I use. Please join the ... contextually meaningful in sanity tests, and (iii) robust to hyper-parameters for reliability. #csCV [Deep Learning with Topological Signatures] Authors: , Andreas Uhl. In this article, inspired by Shi, et al. Transition System Specifications provide programming and specification languages with a semantics. arXiv is a popular pre-print server focusing on natural science disciplines (e.g. Twitter 0 GitHub 0 Reddit 0 I've looked online and only found a thread of one year ago. Based on the idea and the provided source code of Andrej Karpathy (arxiv-sanity) Characterizing bad semidefinite programs: normal forms and short proofs (1709.02423) Gabor Pataki. We show that many widely used performance criteria do not fulfill these requirements. We investigate the universal cover of a topological group that is not necessarily connected. Results are powered by Arxiv Sanity Preserver. The first step in using this alternative is choosing one conviction, value, or core beliefs for each main character. Top papers of the last week from Arxiv Sanity. In this paper, we propose a living lab for scientific literature recommendation. Our contributions 1. Proposed by Facebook in 2016, the language represents an alternative to popular REST-based APIs ... arxiv-sanity-preserver: F22: GET /query/:search_query: TABLE III: REST Calls. We extend the previous approach for single view parsing of indoor scenes to video sequences and formulate the … Register for the first time.

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